We've done many marquees
over the years and have
come to specialise in them.
Just leave it all to us.

"We basically got to turn up to the fully kitted out and exquisitely decorated marquee and be as blown away as our guests were at how stunning everything looked, and, more importantly, we got to enjoy every single minute of the day and even jet off on our honeymoon immediately after."

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from York Minster
to New York...

"We're very proud that all the couples we've worked with have stayed in touch, even though they're scattered across the globe. These photos are displayed with their kind permission, to show you what we brought to their big days."

"Firstly, congratulations on your engagement! Secondly, congratulations on coming across Emma Marygold! She's the best thing that happened to you since you decided to get married. "

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"However, it wasn't just the (incredible) speed, it was the fact that she literally brought every one of our ideas to fruition without compromise or hesitation, and with a level of attention to detail and commitment to excellence that we were overwhelmed by..."

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"As you know it was my mum who convinced me to get a wedding planner. Being the astute lady she is, she was absolutely right."

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"Our wedding day was all we had hoped and dreamed of and the memories we both have of our beautiful day will stay with us forever. Thank you Em for your intuition, style, eye for detail and friendship, you were worth your weight in wedding cake."

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