A huge thank you to all of our amazing clients, without them, there would be no Marygold Weddings! It has been an absolute joy, privilege and pleasure to be part of your lives.

Please take the time to read our clients unique letters of thanks.

Emma was absolutely amazing, from the first day we met her we knew she was going to help us create the most incredible wedding day. She was there every step of the way and nothing was too big or too small. She made our vision a reality and with some gorgeous surprises along the way as well.

Emma also helped us make sure that our day was private and personal just as we had wanted and achieved this in a very discrete and well thought through fashion.

Emma took away all of the stress especially in the final few days before our wedding so we were able to enjoy every single bit of the lead up and the day itself. Knowing that Emma was on hand to make sure everything ran smoothly.

We can't thank her enough for making our wedding day so special!

Dear Person Who is Getting Married,

Firstly, congratulations on your engagement! Secondly, congratulations on coming across Emma Marygold! She’s the best thing that happened to you since you decided to get married. She will be your best ally in the months of planning and decision making that you have ahead of you. If you have got to the point of asking for references, you are probably considering hiring her. Just go for it. Do it now. It will be the best possible thing you can do to get the most out of your wedding day. Let me tell you why…

I am not a woman given to clichés, so please forgive me when I say that Emma gave me and my husband the happiest day of our lives. You will know from meeting her that she is a delightful individual, but she is also thoroughly professional, charmingly creative, stunningly organised and a complete and utter grafter. This woman may look like a skinny blonde but reader, she will WORK for you. She will save you stress, save you time and save you money. And if your Grandma needs helping on with her coat at midnight after the best party she has been to for several of her eight decades, Emma will do that, too. She did all of those things, and so much more, for us.

Emma has the rare gift of being able to keep an eye on the big picture whilst maintaining an excellent eye for detail. She was completely across every single second of the event, without ever being obtrusive, and made the day go like a dream. Emma made both our venues, for the ceremony and for the reception, look totally breathtaking, but also made the movement of people between venues absolutely seamless. We thought the wedding would be good, but because of Emma and her delightful small team, it was better our wildest dreams I will never forget getting to the point of cutting the cake and just being very touched that, as well as managing the movements of 200 very demanding people across West Yorkshire in the worst snow for thirty years, Emma had also put out beautiful tissues for me and my mum, and tied beautiful ribbons around the knife with which we were cutting the cake.

Every single one of Emma’s suggestions was spot on, from where my husband could buy his wedding suit, to the pianist for our ceremony; from the contents of the children’s goody bags to the travel agent we should use for our honeymoon. At a wedding fair there will be thousands of people trying to get your business, but Emma has already met them all, vetted them all and knows the wheat from the chaff. Equally, if you want your own team on things (for example we had already chosen a florist and were using an old friend as a caterer before we met Emma,) she will work wonderfully with them, coordinating the day and being unstintingly lovely to one and all.

I have a very busy life and do lots of different things. I write tv scripts, I make documentaries, I help to run our family business putting on art events and running a property company. So I like to think I can get on with stuff , and I thought this wedding lark would be a walk in the park – bish bosh, caterer, bish bosh, dress, couple of phone calls, cake, email, flowers. Job done. Er... Turns out I was hopelessly naïve, and I hate admitting when I’m wrong.

Here’s the bad news about weddings, from one who knows:

1) Weddings are points of heightened tension between families.
2) They put stress on a couple.
3) They have huge expectations surrounding them.
4) They involve more people than you would ever normally involve in any one day of your life.
5) They are very, very expensive.

And now the good news about weddings, from one who knows:

1) You can get Emma Marygold to dissolve the tension.
2) You can get Emma Marygold to take away the stress.
3) You can get Emma Marygold to take those huge expectations as a challenge, and then exceed them, all with a genuine smile on her face.
4) You can get Emma Marygold to deal with all those people while you just get your hair done.
5) You can get Emma Marygold to save you money. Seriously. She will. She was even arguing with one supplier who she felt was being greedy two weeks after the wedding – and managed to get him to reduce his invoice by several hundred pounds. (I know, we couldn’t believe it either.)

When you think about it, you wouldn’t normally spend thousands and thousands of pounds without expert advice, so why on earth would you do it on your wedding day? Emma is the expert you need. But it isn’t just a money thing. Having Emma there means you and your family can actually enjoy the wedding in its entirety, and never have to worry about a thing.

I could write several more pages of detail about how wonderful she is, but if you have a wedding to plan you will be short of time. My best advice is to get Emma on board and get on with it! But in case you need to discuss anything at all with me, please ask Emma for my mobile number

All the very best with your wedding. I hope you have a wonderful, happy day where you smile so much your face hurts!

Congratulations again.

After a spate of attending no less than twelve close friends’ weddings (all of whom attended our wedding along with most of the same guests), we really wanted (and our guests badly needed!) our day to be as unique as possible.

Although we are not short on ideas, most of them were actually ideas about all the things we did not want! Once we started eliminating standard wedding 'rituals' and trying to find venues that wouldn't force us to adhere to their prefab packages, we quickly found ourselves struggling with trying to achieve what we wanted and work the hours our jobs demands.

Slowly, but surely, six months had passed, then a year and then another six months - during which time every conversation either of us had with anyone anywhere at anytime started with the question: "Have you set a date yet?..." These quickly become the six most annoying words in the world.

As we started edging towards the two year mark, whilst at the hen do of an old school friend, I got chatting to another Bride you'll find on here; who literally could not stop singing Emma's praises the whole weekend we spent together. To the extent that she tracked my number down from our mutual friend, texted me all of Emma's contact details and then chased me twice more until I finally agreed to meet Emma!

To this day, we feel indebted to this Bride as within the short space of just two meetings, Emma had organised the date, the location, the venue and the overall theme. She then went on to put the whole thing together in 4 months.

Let me just recap if it wasn't clear – in two years we'd achieved less than Emma achieved in our first meeting!

However, it wasn't just the (incredible) speed, it was the fact that she literally brought every one of our ideas to fruition without compromise or hesitation, and with a level of attention to detail and commitment to excellence that we were overwhelmed by – including a request only a few short weeks before our wedding actually took place to source trees to line the aisle like we'd just seen Wills and Kate do for their Royal Wedding, organising the delivery of a white baby grand piano to a meadow in the Yorkshire countryside and convincing a supplier to paint 60 brown chairs white!!

When we think back to our wedding now, we both just remember it as a beautiful amazing experience that surpassed all of our expectations. We strongly believe that this is 100% down to Emma – unlike most couples, we didn't have any of the stresses of finding and choosing suppliers, sourcing decorations, making things or finding people to make things, dealing with printers, sending out invitations, travelling to suppliers/shops, getting quotes, negotiating and agreeing contracts and making payments, or any of the on-the-day dramas of ensuring deliveries, setting the venue up, chasing and liaising with suppliers, organising staff and musicians etc etc. We basically got to turn up to the fully kitted out and exquisitely decorated marquee and be as blown away as our guests were at how stunning everything looked, and, more importantly, we got to enjoy every single minute of the day and even jet off on our honeymoon immediately after (no clearing up, returning hired goods, disposing of rubbish, cleaning, tidying, waiting around for collections for us – she even bubble wrapped, packaged and stored our personal effects that were used as decorations until we returned!)

We literally can not recommend the services of Emma enough – if you want a wedding you will actually get to enjoy and that people will be talking about for years to come (it's been nearly two years, and only last week a friend brought up how spectacular our wedding had been), you've come to the right place.

I doubt any words of ours can honestly convey how truly fantastic Marygold Weddings were in delivering our perfect day.

Emma offered a reassuring calm approach to the planning of our wedding and embraced all our ideas with enthusiasm and excitement. She took away the stress and anxiety of researching and bringing together the professionals needed for the day, and allowed as to indulge in only the giddiness in the lead up to our marriage.

From the biggest headache to the tiniest detail, she encouraged, supported and provided everything we needed, and more than we expected. Her personal approach that focussed on our ideas and making what we dreamed of a reality seemed so simple and carefree the whole experience was wonderful.

The wedding day was simply stunning. All that was required was for us to arrive, get married and then spend the rest of our day celebrating it with our family and friends. The attention to detail which was so personally tailored left us and the guests feeling that we had been involved in a truly unique day. They worked the whole wedding day, ensuring everything and everyone was catered for and yet remained professionally discreet. Through their actions Marygold Weddings made it clear that they were completely committed to giving us our perfect day.

We cannot recommend Marygold Weddings enough, and the most praise we can give is to say that upon reflection, and in the eyes of everyone who attended, our wedding stands out as a spectacular success.

Emma, thank you so much, you are absolutely fantas¬tic!

My Husband & I were convinced that getting a wedding planner for our wedding would be way too expensive but we looked anyway and we're so glad we did because now we know it was almost certainly the most important decision of the whole wedding that we made. Having Em on board made a world of difference throughout the planning process and then of course on our big day. Em is such a warm person who is incredibly easy to work with and had fantastic ideas and contacts and from the very beginning Tom & I knew that our wedding day plans were in perfect hands. Marygold gave us huge amounts of time, care, effort and incredible creativity (all based around the kind of things that we wanted) and as a result was completely stress free. Our wedding day was all we had hoped and dreamed of and the memories we both have of our beautiful day will stay with us forever. Thank you Em for your intuition, style, eye for detail and friendship, you were worth your weight in wedding cake ;)

I got married in February and hired Marygold Weddings to manage the day for us. We had a combined English and Indian wedding and Emma did a fantastic job of combining the two cultures to produce something truly magical. Emma also suggested a lot of little extra things for the rooms and tables that really made a difference on the day. Her attention to detail was excellent and the venue looked fantastic. Emma and her team were extremely easy to work with and were also exceptional flexible. Emma travelled the three hours to London to meet with us on several occasions and provided a very personal service. Emma was also always there at the end of the phone for any questions that we had. All in all, I would strongly recommend Marygold Weddings. Their fees are very competitive and the memories of our day will remain with us forever.

I doubt any words of ours can honestly convey how truly fantastic Marygold Weddings were in delivering our perfect day.

We did not know the area and we had no idea when we started that we would dare use professional wedding planners. It was the 2nd best decision we ever made.

Emma and Mitch offered a reassuring calm approach to the planning of our wedding and embraced all our ideas with enthusiasm and excitement. They took away the stress and anxiety of researching and bringing together the professionals needed for the day, and allowed as to indulge in only the giddiness in the lead up to our marriage.

From the biggest headache to the tiniest detail, they encouraged, supported and provided everything we needed, and more than we expected. Their personal approach that focussed on our ideas and making what we dreamed of a reality seemed so simple and carefree the whole experience was wonderful.

We wanted a wedding in a field, with a specific marquee that Marygold Weddings had yet to try, and during the night we released Chinese lanterns, another first, and yet everything worked so well. Their confidence in working with new suppliers left us feeling that they could do anything with ease, and come back each time with exactly what we wanted.

The wedding day was simply stunning. All that was required was for us to arrive, get married and then spend the rest of our day celebrating it with our family and friends. The attention to detail which was so personally tailored left us and the guests feeling that we had been involved in a truly unique day. They worked the whole wedding day, never taking a break, ensuring everything and everyone was catered for and yet remained professionally discreet. Through their actions Marygold Weddings made it clear that they were completely committed to giving us our perfect day.

We cannot recommend Marygold Weddings enough, and the most praise we can give is to say that upon reflection, and in the eyes of everyone who attended, our wedding stands out as a spectacular success.

Emma, thank you so much, we wish you all the best and hope that your business continues to be the success you deserve.

Now that the dust has finally settled and we are (sort of!) getting used to married life, we wanted to write and say thank you again to you for organising such a beautiful wedding day for us.

We were so impressed with the service you offered, from our first meeting over a year before the big day, through to all the venue visits and those trips down to London to discuss all the finer details, and finally the day itself and tying up the loose ends afterwards. Nothing was too much trouble; all we had to do was let you know our ideas and you just went away and made it happen, as if by magic!

It goes without saying that things got very difficult for us a couple of months before the wedding when I became ill. Had we been trying to organise things on our own, we may well have had to cancel the wedding, but we were able to leave everything in your hands and knowing that we still had the wedding to look forward to meant a lot to us as I was recovering.

Everything on the day itself was perfect and we’ve lost count of the number of our guests who told us it was the best wedding they’d ever been to! We had an amazing day, and knowing you were both there to take care of everything meant we could both really relax and enjoy it all. It really was the best day of our lives, and although you made it look effortless, we know how much work you put in to making it possible.

We’d both unreservedly recommend Marygold Weddings: friendly, professional and worth every penny. Indeed we are hoping that some of our friends will use your services in the future so we get to come to another Marygold extravaganza!

Very sad it’s all over, but hope you’ll stay in touch and perhaps meet up for a drink when you’re down in London sometime.

My Husband and I would like to thank you for making the perfect wedding a reality.

As you know it was my mum who convinced me to get a wedding planner. Being the astute lady she is, she was absolutely right. I know many people’s concept of a wedding planner is someone who takes control of their wedding. They could not be more wrong. Our experience with you has been quite different. You understood what we wanted from day one and you made it a stress free reality. I have yet to meet someone more controlling than myself, however I didn’t for one minute feel control was taken away from me.

Hiring you was the best decision out of the whole wedding affair (I think the cupcakes were the second…YUM!) We could not recommend you enough to other couples. We would have not survived the planning of the wedding otherwise.

Thank you again, and please keep in touch.

When we first started to make plans for our day, we can honestly say that we felt totally overwhelmed rather than excited. That was until we found Marygold weddings and our sanity was restored! Emma helped us to find a completely unique venue which perfectly suited both of our personalities and was a diplomatic guru when it came to dealing with the council and caterers alike! She is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to sourcing everything from flowers and bands to truffle trees and an emergency pianist 3 days before the big day. Emma is meticulous in her organisation without being controlling and her attention to detail is commendable. Nothing ever seemed like too much trouble and thanks to Emma and her team, our day was utterly unique and special.

Now that the dust has settled after Groom and Bride’s wedding I felt that I had to write to thank you and your team for all your efforts to make the day as successful as it was.

Your total commitment and amazing attention to detail made it a truly special day.

We have received numerous letters from our guests commenting on the marquee, the catering, the flowers, the garden lighting – even the invitations. I will be very surprised if more business does not flow from the friends of Groom and Bride who attended and are not yet married!

You have clearly managed to assemble a group of specialist who know how important it is to get things right on the day – even the photographer and the DJ managed to exceed our expectations.

Mother and I will be happy to act as a reference for you and if any prospective clients wish to speak to us to confirm any details please do not hesitate to give them our phone number.

Thanks again from us both for making Groom and Bride’s wedding the best and most enjoyable wedding we have ever attended – a remarkable achievement.

We both feel hugely indebted to Emma of Marygold weddings; through her hard work we had the most fantastic wedding day that surpassed our expectations.

Initially we were reticent to use a ‘wedding planner’, thinking that we were able to organise the day ourselves. It became clear over the following months just how much work was involved. Our meetings with Emma allowed us some pure wedding indulgence time, and she got to understand exactly what we wanted for the day. We had total confidence in Emma’s organising and knew that everything she did would be of exceptional standard and just as we had requested.

On the run up to the wedding day people asked if we were panicking about the plans for the day and we could honestly say that we were definitely not. Knowing Emma had everything under control we were able to continue with our everyday lives unaffected, apart from to get excited and to concentrate on what we were about to do rather than worry about the organisation.

The day itself was totally amazing. We simply had to arrive at the venue, get married and relax with each other and family and friends. All the small attentions to detail added by Marygold Weddings made it really unique and beautiful. Emma was understatedly present throughout the day, organising everything and always on hand if we had a question.

I cannot recommend the services of Marygold Weddings highly enough. They made our wedding day into something truly spectacular and allowed us to enjoy every minute. Thank you.

We wanted to set out in writing our thanks for all of your invaluable assistance in planning our wedding and co-ordinating the event on the day itself.

From the outset, your enthusiasm regarding our wedding was infectious. We very much appreciate you taking the time to travel all the way down to London to meet with us. We were very rarely able to travel up to Yorkshire during the planning process, but in the end that simply did not matter as we were able to rely on you choosing fantastic suppliers (for example the florist) and liaising with both them and the venue. Our initial meeting left us very excited about planning our big day and that continued throughout the process.;

Your approach was always very professional, friendly and accommodating. Your creative ideas and thorough organisation made the whole planning process far easier than we had ever anticipated. You also remained remarkably patient in the face of our endless emails about the arrangements! Not even my last minute illness fazed you.

The styling of the venue on the day exceeded all of our expectations. The flowers, chair covers, table settings and candles all worked really well together. Both the ceremony room and the room for our main reception looked stunning. Your attention to detail is remarkable and those all-important finishing touches made a huge difference to the feel of the venue.

We have received numerous comments, emails, cards and letters from our guests commenting on what a fantastic day they had. Many guest commented not only on the venue itself, but on how beautifully decorated the venue looked and how smoothly the day ran. More than one person has said that the wedding has set a very high standard for the rest of our friends to try to follow in due course!

You put an amazing amount of work into the event, including very long hours on the day of the wedding itself, and that dedication really paid off. It is clear that you put an enormous amount of effort into planning your events and take a real pride in what you do. We hope that you were as pleased as we were with the results. Your commitment and hard work contributed to an amazingly special day which we look back on with a great deal of happiness.

Please feel free to show this letter to prospective clients or pass our contact details on to any one else who is considering using your services. I would thoroughly recommend them to use Marygold Weddings to plan their day.

Emma helped us from the very start of our Wedding plans - from the Venue to the Caterer and the, florists and entertainment for the Evening Party. Her advice was sought by my wife and I, and was given in a way that was informative and helpful, but it also let us make our own decisions, making our special day ‘special’ to us...but with a little Marygold Magic Touch.

On the day itself her organisation and timing were impeccable. Emma is punctual, organised yet seemingly invisible to the naked eye. We feel that the investment in the services of Marygold Weddings was one of the contributory factors to making our Wedding absolutely perfect.

We wanted to write to you rather than just call and thank you for the amazing job that you have done over the last twelve months with planning our Wedding Day and especially for how the day itself was so seamless. Because of you it really was the most wonderful, magical and definitely stress free day of our lives.

We knew having a marquee Wedding was not the easiest option but never imagined that there was quite so much involved and we know that without you we would have not have coped and there would have been lots of hiccups along the way.

The way you brought together all our ideas for the theme was incredible and watching the marquee transform into the beautiful vintage style setting I had envisaged was almost as exciting as the day itself. Thanks, it was even better than I had imagined it could be.

I know the fact that the day did seem seamless was down to your presence on the day itself, you were so attentive to everything and that really did give us the confidence to relax in the knowledge that we were in safe hands and this meant we could really let our hair down, enjoy our special day to the full and not worry about a thing.

All of our guests had a wonderful day too and most have said that it was the best Wedding they have ever been to which is a huge compliment to you. They all know where to come now for their Wedding planning and I will recommend you wholeheartedly.

Well, Ill sign off now but again we just want to say how much we really appreciate everything you have done for us and we almost wish we could do it all over again just to work closely with you for another twelve months.

All our love and appreciation

We would like to thank you again for all your hard work that went into making our wedding the fantastic occasion that it was.

It really did surpass all of our expectations and we will certainly remember our wedding forever.

The whole day went without a hitch thanks to your meticulous planning and organisation, and the marquee and the garden looked stunning. Everyone we have spoken to has said how much they enjoyed themselves and we had the most amazing time, too.

We hope that you managed to relax and enjoyed yourselves at the barbeque on the Sunday and it was great to chat to you when there was no pressure.

Well after eventually floating down to earth after our amazing wedding day I have finally got round to putting pen to paper to thank you for everything! From our initial meeting through to the big day you were so fantastic. You took all the stress and worry away from us making the whole experience so enjoyable and exciting. It makes us laugh now, thinking back to our first meeting where I was so indecisive and unsure as to the theme and colour schemes etc but everything gradually fell into place, we got the ‘wow’ factor and it was unquestionably the best day of our lives. You were brilliant on the day and were complimented by all our family and friends of whom most said ‘it was the best wedding they had ever been to’.

I just wanted to write a personal note to you to say an enormous thank you for all you have done to make bride and groom’s wedding such a delightful event. You covered everything so well, I can honestly say that there was no stress for father and myself. On the day, we knew it would all come together beautifully and it did. Lot’s of people have said to us that it was the nicest wedding they had ever been at and that sometimes included their own!!

We really appreciated the little touches, like the cake just for me and good old Trevor Foster! Your thoughtfulness and kindness was lovely. Bride and Groom could not have looked happier and I know that they will remember their wedding for many years to come. It was truly a magical day and night. The marquee and the garden were both stunning. All the thank you letters have mentioned how wonderful it all looked. We know what effort you put into creating such a setting – nobody could have done more.

We wanted to say how grateful we both are for all you efforts. Take good care of yourself, love and best wishes

We both wanted to thank you and congratulate you on the truly wonderful wedding day which you helped my daughter to plan.

The ambience was magnificent and we loved the additional touches which personalised the event for the happy couple. We will all have such beautiful memories for many years to come and look forward to seeing the official photographs and the DVD. Everything was absolutely perfect!

Thank you so much for all of your help and hard work for our wedding. We were both absolutely delighted with how things went on the day – the whole venue looked fantastic and everything was just as we wanted it. Your work in the run up to the day and your amazing attention to detail really paid off.

Our day certainly would not have been the same without your involvement and was all the better for it.

With very many thanks and best wishes

My Parents, my Husband and I were all sceptical about having a wedding planner at first given my two sisters got married without one. We however had a fantastic marquee wedding that surpassed our wildest dreams and all down to Emma’s time, effort and patience.

Knowing what we liked and disliked but not really knowing what we wanted, Emma was the perfect person to bring ideas together and ensure all ideas were in keep with the look of the day being a country feeling for the church given both are farming families and then a glam reception as everyone loves glam!! The Marygold team made us feel so relaxed throughout the process, especially in the week running up to the wedding and most importantly on our special day and you always felt you were the only bride getting married!

Thank you so much for everything from being calm and collected, dealing with what could have been awkward situations, and all the little things that we would never of thought of!

As you are reading this you must be getting married, so congratulations and be rest assured that if you choose the Marygold’s (which you should they are amazing!) to help with your wedding day you will not be disappointed and we can guarantee you will never answer the following question with a yes “Could we have done this on our own?”

Thanks again

We are writing to thank you both from the bottom of our hearts for making our wedding truly the best day of our lives.

As you know, living so far away made the whole process difficult but having you back in England was an enormous comfort to both us and our families. You took all of the stress out for us and allowed us to enjoy the planning of the day.

The day itself was beyond belief, the décor and the little details were amazing. All of our guests commented on the quality of the event and the work that obviously went in to making the venue so beautiful.

During the day we both felt very well looked after and were able to simply enjoy ourselves without any concerns. Everything seemed to go like clockwork from our perspective. You have a tremendous gift for the job you do and your passion for the work is evident.

We will definitely be recommending you to our friends and hopefully one day we will meet again at another wedding. We both wish you every success and happiness for the future and will be forever grateful for everything you did for us.

“If you have any doubts over whether to hire Emma to help coordinate your wedding day then believe us just do it! Emma was absolutely instrumental in delivering the day exactly as we wanted it and just ‘making it happen’. Her drive, attention to detail, energy and enthusiasm were second to none from the day we decided to work together, and she was a calming and constructive influence to all involved. Emma is fantastic value for money, even before allowing for her negotiation skills and relationships with suppliers - which meant we saved considerably more than we would have if we had organised alone! In short, the perfect day would not have happened without Emma (and her team’s) hugely able support throughout. Thank you Emma!”

A week ago I enjoyed my wedding day in Cornwall, the reception of which took place in a marquee in the grounds of my brother’s farm. It was without doubt the best day of my life, and there are many reasons for this. One of them is the professional experience and help that I received from Emma of Marygold Weddings.

As a production manager for MTV Europe Networks I am no stranger to the organisation and facilitation of event management, but preparing for my own wedding was obviously something quite new to me. I knew that the marquee option would not be an easy one, but also that it was the only one that could take advantage of the amazing view that my brother’s farm offered. And although I can take credit for actually establishing contact with my marquee company (Devon & Somerset Marquees) I can honestly say that I had no idea of the work involved in making a marquee wedding actually work effectively.

Unlike having a fixed venue like a hotel, a marquee wedding requires the co-ordination of a number of previously unlinked entities; the marquee company, the marquee dressers, the caterers, the catering equipment hire company, the toilet facilities, the sound/lighting technicians, the wine company etc. etc. For this reason it is absolutely vital that a planner is available to oversee and coordinate all of these quite separate factors. And if you are managing your wedding yourself, my experience has taught me that when the wedding actually arrives that person should not be you!

Having Emma around meant that I could hand over all the essential pieces of the jigsaw at a crucial point when my attention was required in a much more personal direction. As a team they were second to none. They were calm throughout, patient, extremely capable and efficient to the extreme. I was able to give them quite clear instructions about what I wanted and they absolutely made sure it happened down to the last detail. They were also extremely polite and well presented, gaining the trust of all those involved immediately. In fact I can assert that it was due to their involvement that my wedding reception ran smoothly and without hitch (excuse the pun!).

If you are planning a big marquee wedding in the future, I could not recommend Emma more highly. They will ensure that your day is a pleasure rather then a chore, and most importantly be there afterwards to ensure that everything is taken care of when all you want to do is make the personal moments last for as long as they possibly can – which as I learnt last week is all you want to do.

Should you require any further information about Emma and the exceptional service that they provided please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for taking the time to read these wonderful letters.

I hope they have inspired you to share in our passion.

I believe anything is possible if you have the passion, patience, drive and enthusiasm.

With love

Emma x